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Mensuration – A branch of mathematics
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Mensuration means all kinds of measurement or 'calculations based on measurement'.

Mensuration is the branch of mathematics which deals with the study of Geometric shapes, their area, volume and related parameters.
A branch of Mathematics
Dedicated to Maths Subjects and their Students
Archimedes is remembered as the greatest mathematician of ancient area.He is one of the most famous Greek mathematicians contributed significantly in geometry regarding the area of plane figures and areas as well as volumes of curved surfaces. Mensuration Formulas are actually some formulas ( measurements) giving perimeter, areas of 2-D figures & Surface area and Volume of some 3-D solids. for example : Area is compared to the area of a standard sized square, usually: 1 m x 1 m hence called one square metre or 1 m^2.


Some important mensuration formulas are: 1. Area of rectangle (A) = length(l) × Breath(b)

 A = l \times b

2. Perimeter of a rectangle (P) = 2 × (Length(l) + Breath(b))

 P = 2 \times(l + b)

A branch of Mathematics
Dedicated to Maths Subjects and their Students
3. Area of a square (A) = Length (l) × Length (l)

 A = l \times l

4. Perimeter of a square (P) = 4 × Length (l)

P = 4 \times l

5. Total surface area of cuboid =  2 (lb + bh + lh) where l= length , b=breadth , h=height 6. Total surface area of cuboid =  6 l^2 where l= length 7. length of diagonal of cuboid =  \sqrt{l^2+b^2+h^2} 8. length of diagonal of cube =  \sqrt{3 l} 9. Volume of cuboid = l × b × h 10. Volume of cube = l × l × l

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