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VLSI – Roles of VLSI in Industry
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                  Roles of VLSI in Industry

Ever wondered how the term VLSI which meant just a type of Integrated Circuit transformed into a field of study in academia and a domain of technology for engineers? What is so fascinating about VLSI in itself? Well, a literate person in the field of technology does know about the categories of IC on the basis of size that follows the increasing order in their size as SSI, MSI, LSI, VLSI, ULSI, GSI and so on. So why only VLSI then?
VLSI and Mathematics
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What is the relation between Electronics and Mathematics ??

A logical designer usually use an HDL i.e. Hardware descriptive Language like Verilog or VHDL to logically design the functionality of the circuit. This is the stage where the designer’s technical creativity is tested. The end product of this stage is still virtual in the form of a simulation. This person decide what sort of Gates, CMUX, or any other digital components are to used and by how much along with passive and active components as well.

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This sort of work needs logical proficiency and coding. After successful logical design, the software outputs an RTL (Register Transfer Level) design where the software itself makes a digital circuit using conventional symbols for the components used. Although for logical construct, one does not necessarily need passive devices, hence this part is largely governed by circuit designer.                    We'll discuss some another topic related to mathematics in our next blog. What's your opinion about this blog, revert us. If you have any query related to Mathematics, you may contact us. We are delivering Mathematics Classes from 9th onward Higher Mathematics.  It includes GATE Mathematics, M.Tech Maths, Engineering Mathematics, IIT-JEE Mathematics, B.Sc / BCA Mathematics, Engineering Diploma Mathematics,  9th - 12th Mathematics. Online Math Tutor Offer Online Math Tuition Class. Math Tuition Are Available For All Courses.  

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