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Course Objectives:

The primary objective of this course is to introduce the basic tools of theory of equations, complex numbers, number theory and matrices to understand their linkage to the real-world problems. Perform matrix algebra with applications to Computer Graphics. Hence, Join Join The Best Online Math Tuition In Noida.

Course Learning Outcomes: This course will enable the students to:

i) Employ De Moivre’s theorem in a number of applications to solve numerical problems.
ii) Apply Euclid’s algorithm and backwards substitution to find greatest common divisor.
iii) Recognize consistent and inconsistent systems of linear equations by the row echelon form of the augmented matrix, using rank.
iv) Find eigenvalues and corresponding eigenvectors for a square matrix.

Course Contents:

Theory of Equations and Complex Numbers Tuition 

Elementary theorems on the roots of an equation, Polynomials, The remainder and factor theorem, Synthetic division, Factored form of a polynomial, The Fundamental theorem of algebra, Relations between the roots and the coefficients of polynomial equations, Imaginary roots occur in pairs, Integral and rational roots; Polar representation of complex numbers, The nth roots of unity, De Moivre’s theorem for integer and rational indices and its applications.

Equivalence Relations and Functions Tuition

Equivalence relations, Functions, Composition of functions, Invertibility and inverse of functions, One-to-one correspondence and the cardinality of a set.

Basic Number Theory Tuition 

The division algorithm, Divisibility and the Euclidean algorithm, The fundamental theorem of arithmetic, Modular arithmetic and basic properties of congruences; Principles of mathematical induction and well ordering principle.

Row Echelon Form of Matrices and Applications Tuition

Systems of linear equations, Row reduction and echelon forms, Vector equations, The matrix equation Ax = b, Solution sets of linear systems, Linear independence, The rank of a matrix and applications; Introduction to linear transformations, The matrix of a linear transformation; Matrix operations, The inverse of a matrix, Characterizations of invertible matrices, Applications to Computer Graphics, Eigenvectors and eigenvalues, The characteristic equation and the Cayley-Hamilton theorem.

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