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Course Objectives:

The primary objective of this course is to introduce the basic tools of calculus and geometric properties of different conic sections which are helpful in understanding their applications in planetary motion, design of telescope and to the real-world problems. Also, to carry out the hand on sessions in computer lab to have a deep conceptual understanding of the above tools to widen the horizon of students’ self-experience.

Course Learning Outcomes: This course will enable the students to:

i) Sketch curves in a plane using its mathematical properties in the different coordinate systems of reference.
ii) Apply derivatives in Optimization, Social sciences, Physics and Life sciences etc.
iii) Compute area of surfaces of revolution and the volume of solids by integrating over cross-sectional areas.

Course Contents:

Unit 1: Derivatives for Graphing and Applications Tuition

The first-derivative test for relative extrema, Concavity and inflection points, Second derivative test for relative extrema, Curve sketching using first and second derivative tests; Limits to infinity and infinite limits, Graphs with asymptotes, L’Hôpital’s rule; Applications in Business, Economics and Life Sciences; Higher order derivatives, Leibniz rule.

Unit 2: Sketching and Tracing of Curves Tuition

Parametric representation of curves and tracing of parametric curves (except lines in Polar coordinates and tracing of curves in polar coordinates; Techniques of sketching conics, Reflection properties of conics, Rotation of axes and second degree equations, Classification into conics using the discriminant.

Unit 3: Volume and Area of Surfaces Tuition

Volumes by slicing disks and method of washers, Volumes by cylindrical shells, Arc length, Arc length of parametric curves, Area of surface of revolution; Hyperbolic functions; Reduction formulae.

Unit 4: Vector Calculus and its Applications Tuition

Introduction to vector functions and their graphs, Operations with vector functions, Limits and continuity of vector functions, Differentiation and integration of vector functions; Modeling ballistics and planetary motion, Kepler’s second law; Unit tangent, Normal and binormal vectors, Curvature.

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